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Welcome to 'OneSky Online'

What is 'OneSky Online'?

OneSky Online is the name of EUROCONTROL's Extranet, the part of our website where content can be accessed only by EUROCONTROL staff and other authorised users - this is usually the case for information that is too detailed or complex for the general public.

By means of an Extranet clearly separated from the public website, we want to provide our stakeholders with the ability to work with us online and access more of our expertise without running the risk of detracting from the polished public image which we wish to convey on the Internet.

This online service therefore needs to be made secure, which means that access to OneSky Online has to be authorised by EUROCONTROL on an individual basis.

In order to use EUROCONTROL online secure services you need to access the OneSky Online portal using the Login ID and Password that you have chosen during self-registration. After this login process, the portal will give you the opportunity to access the service(s) for which you have been granted the access right and to apply for access to other online secure pages and services.

If you wish to access a EUROCONTROL online secure service (OneSky Online) for the first time, please use the self-registration form you which you can find here.

Please send any question regarding the OneSky Online portal to the EUROCONTROL Online Corporate Communications Support unit:

'OneSky Online' secure content.

There are two types of online secure content: pages and services.

The secure pages look like the pages of the public website. A secured page can be easily identified by means of a small icon representing a key displayed in the left-hand navigation area. The same icon is also displayed alongside all links to secured pages.

The number of secured pages is expected to increase as a part of the more detailed pages that are currently on the public website will be gradually transferred to the Extranet.

An increasing number of EUROCONTROL activities base their interactive communication on online services. Each EUROCONTROL online service has been given an easy-to-remember brand name. Below an overview of available services, linking to more information and application information.

Service Description More info Register
eTOD Forum A EUROCONTROL initiative which is aimed at supporting those who are interested or involved in the implementation of the eTOD (Terrain and Obstacle Data) requirements as introduced by Chapter 10 of the ICAO Annex 15 (Aeronautical Information Services).
AIXM Forum The AIXM Forum: Your place to discuss the AIXM specification.

The Forum is aimed at helping all those who are interested in AIXM development. Participants will include technical and operational AIS experts, who are planning, developing or using a system implementing AIXM.
The Forum is mainly dedicated to discussing and reviewing AIXM version 5. However, users interested in earlier versions (3.3 and 4.5) are equally welcome. The Forum has categories for each AIXM version.
The Forum is moderated by EUROCONTROL and United States FAA, co-developers of AIXM version 5.
AIS AGORA - Aeronautical Information Forum A EUROCONTROL innovation aimed at improving communication among Aeronautical Information Stakeholders with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of aeronautical information.
ARDEP-ARDA Analysis of R&D in EUROCONTROL's Programmes - Aviation R&D Activities.
ATS Messaging Management ATS Messaging Management is an off-line management service provided by Eurocontrol to the ICAO member states in the EUR/NAT Region. It supports the Common ICAO Data Interchange Network (CIDIN) and AMHS.
eCoda Delay analysis available through online reports and on-the-fly analysis with user interaction.
Training Zone EUROCONTROLís Learning Management System.
FDE Web page on EUROCONTROL Communications Standard FDE ICD Part 1 and its associated test tool. Audience is CAAs, ANSPs, regulators, industry.
HIFA The HIFA Website is both a database and tool to help designers and project managers consider human factors throughout the life cycle of an air traffic management system.
ICARD - ICAO EUR/NAT Regional Database The ICAO Regional Database is used for the following planning activities:- Allocation of unique five-letter name codes for the designation of Significant points;- Allocation of designators for the designation of ATS Routes;- Allocation of frequencies for navigation aids, landing aids and VHF air-ground communication.
iPAX Web page on EUROCONTROL IP communications for Air Traffic Services. Audience is CAAs, ANSPs, regulators, industry. Restricted site for iPAX Task Force members only.
OLDI On-line Data Interchange.
ODT Operational Requirements and Data Processing Team.
OneSkyTeams Collaborative environment for EUROCONTROL working structures.
RA-Downlink ACAS RA Downlink Feasibility Study (FARADS).
SAForum This is a single point of access, where the ATM Safety Experts community can share safety information and best practices of common interest within a secure environment.
SIGMA EAD introduces SIGMA a dedicated tool to support EAD Data Providers in the maintenance of their Static Aeronautical Information.

OneSkyTeams, also in the list above, is the online service provided by the EUROCONTROL Agency to support a new way of working with its stakeholders using information and communication technology. This more collaborative way of working entails the setting-up of virtual teams that mirror most of the EUROCONTROL's current working structures.

Since the OneSkyTeams tool is widely available and involves several thousands of users, it has its own service desk.
Please send any question regarding OneSkyTeams to:

Entering 'OneSky Online' now

If you have already received a Login ID and Password following an earlier request approved by EUROCONTROL, you already have the ability to access OneSky Online. Just type your Login ID and Password in the left column of this page and click on the 'Sign In' button.

If you do not have a EUROCONTROL Login ID and Password but are interested in accessing secured pages or services of the EUROCONTROL Extranet, please register yourself using this self-registration form. After approval you can apply for access to the service(s) you want to use.

Please note that filling in the Passcode field is only needed to access the specific online services which require a higher level of security. User authentication by means of a Passcode is only possible using a SecurID Token. This token is delivered at EUROCONTROL's initiative only.

For further details, please click on the '?' in the left-hand column of this page.

Please send any question regarding the OneSky Online portal to the EUROCONTROL Online Corporate Communications Support unit:

What is the OneSky Online Portal?

The OneSky Online Portal is the first page displayed after the Login ID and Password verification process has been successfully completed.

The OneSky Online Portal shows only the links to the various secure information sources and services to which you have been granted access - in that sense the Portal is your own personalised access page to EUROCONTROL online secure content.