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The purpose of this page is to make available sample AIXM 5.1 data and also to provide links towards external AIXM 5 data sources.

If there are other data sources that you consider useful to announce here, please send an e-mail to and we will do the necessary! 

[Live] Eurocontrol NM/CACD B2B service

The Eurocontrol Network Manager B2B service provides Airspace, Route, Navaids, Designated Points, AirportHeliport data coded in AIXM 5.1 from the CACD database. If you want to have further information about this service, please use this  request for information form. If you would like to get access to this service, please fill in the request for NM services form

[Live] AENA (Spain) Obstacle Data

AENA is currently publishing the Area 1 and the AD obstacle data sets in digital format. One of these formats is AIXM 5.1, see the files available on their  AIS Web site Warning: The AENA AIXM 5.1 obstacle files are invalid against the AIXM 5.1 schema, due to a number of minor issues. These issues are known to AENA and will be solved soon. 

[Live] LGS (Latvia) Obstacle Data

Latvia obstacle data in AIXM 5.1 format are available operationally. Please contact LGS Latvia for details, by e-mail to

[Live] FAA (USA) Airport mapping data

Airport mapping data sets for some major airports are available in AIXM 5.1 format (and also in .shp format) on the following Web site:

[Live] FAA (USA) NAS-R data

The National Flight Data Center (NFDC) web site makes available a part of the 56 Day NASR Subscription Files in AIXM 5.1 format. This includes airport, route, navaid and other data. The home page gives access to the data for the current data and also to past data sets.

[Sample] European AIS Database (EAD)

For demo purpose only, not to be used operationally!

Sample AIXM 5.1 exports are available from EAD on request. The export is the result of converting a part of the current AIXM 4.5 SDD data: Airport, Runway, Runway Direction, Airspace, Organisation/Authority, Route, Route Segment, Navaid, VOR, DME, TACAN, NDB, Marker Beacon, Designated Point. The reception of this sample data requires the signature of a Test AIXM 5.1 Data User Agreement (free of charge). Please contact EAD (guido.haesevoets @ for further details.

[Sample] Latvia (LGS)

For demo purpose only, not to be used operationally!

A sample AIXM 5.1 data set, provided by AIS Latvia (LGS). Includes procedures at AD EVRA (Riga), airspace and obstacle data in Riga FIR. Last updated 05 Aug 2012.

[Sample] Thales and DSNA/SIA (France)

For demonstration purpose only. Not for operational use!

A sample AIXM5.1 data set provided by Thales and DSNA/SIA containing French aerodromes and French runways.
The data provided are issued from operational AIXM 4.5 data (coming from the French AIM system NOPIA) converted to AIXM 5.1 by Thales AIXM5 database TopSky-AIXM. Eurocontrol rules for AIXM4.5 to AIXM 5.1 mapping have been applied in the conversion process. The data are also currently used in various SESAR projects.

[Sample] skyguide (Switzerland) Data

For demonstration purpose only. Not for operational use! 

This zip file provided by skyguide contains sample AIXM 5.1 data for the features listed in this table. The file was updated in November 2013 an it now includes SID, STAR and Instrument Approach Procedure data, as visible on this chart: sample procedures.

Disclaimer: This sample data, provided by skyguide, is only intended for testing purposes. In no case this sample data may be used for operational use. skyguide does not provide any direct or implied warranty as to the correctness, completeness and/or comprehensiveness of the sample data and shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental and/or consequential damages, personal injury, death or any loss caused by the use of this sample data."

[Sample] ESRI (old DAFIF Data)

For demonstration purpose only. Not for operational use! 

This zip file provided by Esri¿s ArcGIS for Aviation Solution contains sample AIXM 5.1 data for a very large number of AirportHeliport records. The file was generated with the ArcGIS for Data Interoperability extension for 10.2, using as source the last publicly available DAFIF data set of 2006. Therefore, the data is obviously not up-to-date. However, it might be interesting for those who are looking for a very large data set, the equivalent of all airports world-wide. For further details, please contact Sean Grant, ESRI (sgrant @

[Example] Feature by feature

This section contains very simple examples - encodings of individual features

File Description 
[feature] AirportHeliport Extracted from the Donlon data set, just the EADH Heliport
[feature] OrganisationAuhtority 
[feature] VerticalStructure  A building with flag mast on the top, encoded as an obstacle with two parts - a polygon and a point
[feature] Airspace A simple CTR with a circular border
[data set] Airspace with GeoBorder A more complex Airspace example, including references to State borders
[feature] RuleProcedure Example of "custom requirements" encoded as XHTML
work in progress

[Example] Digital NOTAM Examples

These XML encoding examples correspond to the event examples included in the Digital NOTAM Event Specification version 1.0, but with some adjustments that have been agreed by the Focus Group for the updated version 1.1, which is scheduled for publication by August 2012. These adjustments concern especially the NOTAM text generation rules.

File Description 
[SAA_ACT] TRA EAR23 activeActivation of a Temporary Reserved Area (TRA)
[SAA_ACT] TOWNSVILLE R736AB activeActivation of a Restricted area, with a daily activation schedule
[SAA_ACT] EBD04 ActivityActivation of a danger area, but which changes the nature of the area - it becomes prohibited for certain flights.
[SAA_ACT] EGD128 active above normal levelActivation of a Danger area above its normal (baseline) upper limit.
[SAA_ACT] LFD186 changed activityActivation of a Danger area, with a schedule
[ATSA_ACT] CTR Deauville activationActivation of a CTR area
[ATSA_ACT] CTR New Brive Souillac de-activationDe-activation of a CTR area
[ATSA_ACT] EICM CTR active with scheduleActivation of a CTR with a different schedule as compared to the Baseline data
work in progress

[Example] Donlon data set

This is the "Donlon" data set, which describes a fictitious airport and airspace, located somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic. It is derived from the similar content of the ICAO AIP Template (Doc 8126), complemented with additional data items (such as Runway/Taxiway Elements), to make it more realistic as AIXM data set.

Please use these links for downloading or for viewing.

This is constantly updated and improved, based on feedback from users:
  • the latest update was on 01 August 2013;
    • corrected validTime for some BASELINE TaxiwayTimeslice elements (to be timePeriod instead of timeInstant)
  • the previous update was on 23 April 2013;
    • corrected the valid time of a Baseline TimsSlice (it was wrongly put as a time instant;
    • added srsName on all GML elements that were missing it;
    • added the real designator of the Route UA4;
    • added one GeoBorder reference in the definition on the Airspace with gml:id="uuid.028e6905-f99a-4ca7-a736-2c0787cdcf57". Please keep in mind that some viewers might not support such references to GeoBorders. If this is the case for you, just comment out the corresponding hasMember element;
  • Digital NOTAM samples have been added, some need still to be checked against the Digital NOTAM Event Specification 1.0. Later, they will be updated to be in line with version 2.0 of the Event Specification.

[Example] Create your own example with Excel and XSLT!

Here you will find a simple tool (Excel based) that can help you create ad-hoc examples of an AIXM 5.1 features. Please pay attention that this is not intended for operational use. Just for creating examples of AIXM 5.1 encoded data for Airspace and Obstacles (other features might be added in future, if there is interest from the AIXM community). Please use the AIXM Forum if wish to provide feedback or to suggest improvements.

Obstacles (VerticalStructure)

Please download and unzip in a local folder the Excel for Vertical Structure(with macros) file. Then follow the embedded instructions (see the Word file) for the generating AIXM 5.1 samples of vertical structure data. The generation works in a single step, directly from Excel (2010 or later).


Please download and unzip in a local folder the Excel for Airspace (with macros) file. It works similar to the generation for VerticalStructure data, see the instructions embedded in that file. The generation is now in a single step, directly from Excel (2010 or later).

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